What is the Admin menu and how does it work?

The Admin menu offers you the grouped administrative links from the Site Administration page in a menu format without leaving your current page. This menu offers you some important capabilities:

  1. Search bar that allows you to search for a link without leaving the menu and click the link within the search results.
  2. Group order so you can to choose to view the groups in their default order or in alphabetical order.
  3. History, which records your 8 most frequently clicked links.


Search bar

When you open the Admin menu, your cursor will be in the Search bar. As you type, links that match what you have typed will appear. This list is narrowed as you continue to type. If you press Enter, you will be taken to the page corresponding to the first link in the results list. You can also click on any link in the results to navigate to that page.


Group Order

There are two orders for the Admin groups on the menu: Group (default) and A-Z. The menu will open with the groups ordered in the default way. Click A-Z to vertically alphabetize the groups. The menu always opens with the default Group order.




The History area provides you with quick access to those links you use the most. It does not appear until you have clicked a link from the menu. As you click links either from the search results or the menu, the 8 most frequently used links are listed under History on the left side of the menu. The History updates based on your usage. Here is an example scenario:

Your History shows the following links (the number of times you have clicked the link from the menu is shown in parenthesis to help clarify the example; these numbers are not seen in the menu):

  • Find Users (20)
  • Create Class (19)
  • Find Classes (19)
  • Create Enrollment (15)
  • Find Courses (10)
  • Create Course Assignment (8)
  • Subscription Profiles (3)
  • Find Course Assignments (1)


If you click Assigned Subscriptions once from the menu or search results, it doesn’t appear under History. However, when you click it again, it now appears and Find Course Assignments is no longer listed.


History continues to track your usage each time you open the menu and click a link. When you click Clear next to History, the counters are reset, and the links are removed. If you prefer to view the menu as a page, you can click Legacy Admin Page on the menu. Note: History does not track any links clicked from the Site Administration page (Legacy Admin) or any links that are right-clicked and opened in another tab or window regardless of where the link is right-clicked.


Comparison of Admin menu and Site Administration page

Below is a comparison of the functionality between the Admin menu:

  Admin menu Site Administration page
Search Easily done in Search bar integrated into menu and can click links directly from results. Must use browser’s searching capability.
Group Order Set by default but can view alphabetically (vertical). Can be rearranged via drag-and-drop.
History The 8 most frequently used links displayed on left side. Dynamically updated as menu used. Can be cleared. Does not record links right-clicked or clicked on Site Administration page. No history or tracking of usage available for easy access of links.
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