How do I create a SCORM Module?

Do you have SCORM content you want to incorporate in your courses? This is easy to do with the proper permissions. You begin by uploading each zipped file as a SCORM module in the TMS. You can then add those SCORM modules to your courses. 

First you will need to ensure you have the proper permissions. If you cannot see the option to Create SCORM Module on the SCORM/AICC tile on the Site Administration page, then please contact for assistance obtaining the proper roles.

Once you have the permissions needed, 

  1. On the Site Administration page in the SCORM / AICC tile, click Create SCORM Module.
  2. The Choose SCORM Module dialog will open. Currently the process requires Adobe Flash Player.
    1. If necessary, click the Adobe Flash Player button to run Adobe Flash Player. Note: If you are using Firefox as your browser, this button might be black. Other browsers may render the button differently as well. However, if you hover your mouse over it, you will get a screen tip, Adobe Flash Player.
    2. Click Allow in the message asking to Run Flash.
  3. Click Choose File in the Choose SCORM Module dialog.
  4. Navigate to and select the SCORM file, and then click Open. Note: The file must be in .zip format and no larger than 1GB. They also must contain properly formatted files to process the content
  5. Once the file uploads and processes you will land on the Basic Information tab of the Create SCORM Module Profile page.
    1. Edit the Name if desired.
    2. Select the Evaluation Method from the drop-down to use when a user completes the Module. This method is the recorded result for the users' SCORM Module Attempt.
    3. Set the Stage Width and Stage Height.
    4. Review the checkboxes at the bottom of the page and set the ones you want for this module.
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