How can I preview a SCORM module belonging to my organization?

Have you just created a SCORM module in the TMS and want to ensure it starts? Are there SCORM modules whose content you are unfamiliar with? As an administrator with the correct permissions, you can start any SCORM modules belonging to the organizations you manage. To start a module:

  1. From the Site Administration page, click Find SCORM Modules in the SCORM/AICC tile.
  2. Add any necessary filters and criteria to narrow the results and click Search.
  3. In the results, click either the name or Details on the right side of the row of a module belonging to an organization you manage.
  4. This will open the SCORM Module profile page. On this page, click Start.

This will show up as a SCORM attempt in the results of the Find SCORM Attempts search page (see How-do-I-view-all-SCORM-attempts-by-my-students? article). 

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