Upgrading Lab Profile Content from IDL Legacy (IDL1) to IDLx (IDL2)

To upgrade your lab from Legacy (IDL1) to IDlx (IDL2), on the lab profile click the Upgrade option next to instructions:

  • You will be presented with two options:

  •  If you want your images to appear as links be certain to select as links

  • Your videos will either appear as a link or in-line, depending on the option you chose prior:




  • For your tasks, if you choose to not carry over the task name, only the directional information will be carried over:


  • If you choose to retain the name of the task, it will display in the directions above the directional information:


After upgrading your profile from Legacy to IDLx be sure to check the following: 

  • Make sure your bolding and italics carried over successfully.
    • If you see an out of place ** or * double check your markdown.
      • It should read **bold** not**bold** or ***bold**
  • Ensure your images and videos transferred over correctly. If they are in-line (not linked) and you do not want this, you can adjust this by adding a ^! in front of IMAGE.
  • Knowledge and Alert are no longer separate sections; they are in-line with the directions.
  • You will want to be sure your directions match accordingly.
  • Ensure your code blocks and directions are in-line and that your numbering is not broken; an example: 

  • Do not put:

  • Before each exercise, it is suggested that you put a page break (===).
    • A next option will appear at the bottom of the directions; it can be helpful to notify the end-user of how to navigate forward.
  • If you want a progress bar to display and for the user to be able to check anywhere in the lab both Track Task Progress and Auto-Check Previous Tasks must be enabled.

  • You  must also have a [] next to each number, for each step.
  • To exit the lab, the students will go to the “hamburger or three lines icon” and choose the appropriate option:


  • For any other questions, please reference the Help articles.  A quick markdown reference can be found in the editor by clicking the Help icon:


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