What does the Access Courseware button do and how can I use it?

Classes using Microsoft Official Curriculum courses now have a new feature available. This feature allows your users to directly access your digital courseware on your Skillpipe account via a single sign-on from your class page.

The new Access Courseware button will appear on the user enrollment page based on the class start date and time. If students access their enrollment page prior to class, they will not see the button until class has begun. Students may have to refresh their page if they do not see the Access Courseware button after the class start time.

If the user’s TMS account has the same primary email address as their Skillpipe account, the first time they click the Access Courseware button, they will be directed to the Authorization Request page to grant the TMS access to their Skillpipe account. After that and subsequent times they click Access Courseware, they will be taken to their bookshelf in their Skillpipe account.

  • Users will first need to authorize ‘OneLearn TMS’ to allow access to their Skillpipe account.
  • The user will enter their Skillpipe password and click Authorize Access and then they will be taken to their bookshelf in their Skillpipe account.

Please note: This feature only allows users to easily access their courseware in their Skillpipe account through single sign-on from the TMS enrollment page. Authorization is for single sign-on purposes only. To manage and make changes to their Skillpipe account, they will need to use Skillpipe.

If the user’s TMS profile email address is not the same as the email aligned to their Skillpipe account, they will be taken to Skillpipe’s registration page after clicking the Access Courseware button.

  • Students who do not have a Skillpipe account can create a new account from the registration page.
  • Students who already have a Skillpipe account can login into their account by selecting the ‘Already have an account?’ option to login.
  • Once in their Skillpipe account, users can add a course and enter their courseware code to redeem their courseware.

This new feature is enabled at the organization level. Once enabled on your organization, all enrollments aligned with MOC courses will begin seeing this new feature available to users to access their Skillpipe account. If you are not interested in using this feature and would like to disable it, please submit a support ticket requesting that it be disabled for your organization.


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