How do I create achievements to motivate learners?

You can create achievements for your organization that your users earn automatically through their TMS activities. Achievements can be used to motivate your learners as incentives based on the achievements they earn. You will set the value of an achievement and how often they can be earned. You can view earned achievements on each user's profile. Users can chooose to participate in achievement from their profile (see "How Do I See What Achievements I Have Earned And Opt Out?").

There are several terms (fields) you will need to know before you start to create achievements:

  • Points – This is the point value you set based on the achievement's value compared to other achievements you have for your organization. This number is completely up to you but can be used to create other achievements based on the number of points a person has earned from their achievements.
  • Frequency – This is the number of times an achievement may be earned.
  • Frequency Type – This limits the frequency of how the achievement is earned. You can select from
    • Per User - if Frequency is set to 1, this means a user can only earn the achievement once;
    • Per Day - if Frequency is set to 1, this means the achievement can only be earned once within a 24 hour period regardless of user;
    • Per Achievement - If Frequency is set to 1, this means the achievement can only be earned once regardless of user.
  • Conditions - These are the conditions for earning the achievement and are written in JSON (Help with JSON conditions).

To create an achievement:

  1. On the Admin page, click Achievements on the Organization tile.
  2. On the Find Achievements page, click Create Achievement on the upper right side.
  3. On the Create Achievement page, complete the Basic Information tab:
    1. Name
    2. Description - displayed under the name on the Achievements page as well as on Find Achievements.
    3. Organization - only users from this org can earn it.
    4. Points
    5. Frequency
    6. Frequency Type
  4. Click the Conditions tab and enter the JSON conditions for earning the achievement.
  5. Click Save.

Once you have created achievements and have your users set to participate in them, you can track the achievements they are earning from either a user's profile or from the Find Achievements page. To access the achievements of a user, on the user’s profile page, click the Achievements link in the toolbar. This opens a page displaying all achievements the user has earned. This link is only available if your organization has achievements AND the user is participating.

To track who has earned a specific achievement, use the Find Users search page. On this page,

  1. On the Add filter dropdown, add the Achievement filter.
  2. In the Choose Achievement dialog, select the achievement you want and click OK.

All of your users who have earned the achievement will be listed in the results.

Permissions for managing achievements are in the Operations Manager role. Contact our help desk if this is needed for other users.

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