What are different ways to set up instructor access?

When creating instructor accounts for your organization, there are several different ways you can set up instructor access. Their user accounts can be:

  • Within your own organization
  • A sub organization to your organization

How you decide to set up your instructors depends on what kind of access you want them to have. When setting up instructor accounts within your own organization, you allow instructors to have full visibility and access to your organization’s courses. These instructors can launch any of the labs that are available to your organization to prepare to teach them. Instructors within your organization also have access to view the class schedule for all classes being offered in your organization.

If you would like to have a stricter approach to what your instructors can and cannot view, you may want to consider having your instructors in their own separate sub organization to your organization. You still manage these instructors and can assign them to classes but, instructors will not be able to view the class schedule or see any classes they are not scheduled to teach. Instructors still have full access to all the courses in your organization, however, the sub organization for your instructors may be set up to only give them access to specific courses or none of the courses in your organization.  To have a sub organization set up for your instructors, please contact our Course Requests team at Once the sub organization is created, you will be able to set up your instructor accounts within the new organization.

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