What is the Contract Instructor Pool?

The Contract Instructor Pool is a feature allowing instructors to make themselves available to be contacted to teach classes for interested organizations. Instructors choose to opt in to be a contract instructor and organizations opt in to use contract instructors. An organization looking for an instructor can view the instructor’s name, email address, phone numbers, city, state, zip code and country listed in instructor’s user profile. The organization cannot view the user profile but can pull this information using output options on the Find Instructors’ page.

The instructor can set which courses they are qualified to teach using Instructor Competencies. Organizations can use filters to look for instructors based on competencies from the Find Instructors page or when adding an instructor to a class from the Choose Instructor dialog.

Instructors can login to an organization’s site once they have been added to a scheduled class in the TMS. Contract instructors do not have access to custom labs or proprietary labs that belong to an organization even when they are logged on to an organization’s site. The contract instructor can only access and view the class they are scheduled to teach; they cannot see user accounts, courses, classes or any other data under the organization. They can only launch labs for a class after they are scheduled to teach a class with the content. Instructors can access the class and the class’ labs at any time after they are added as the instructor for the class in the TMS.

Learn on Demand Systems offers access to be a contract instructor and use contract instructors as a convenience for all parties. We do not certify any instructors or verify their qualifications to teach a course. All communication, scheduling, contracted rates and payment are the responsibility of the booking organization and the instructor.

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