How can I show what I am qualified to teach?

You can use Instructor Competencies to show the courses you are qualified to teach. Using this feature shows organizations using contract instructors the courses you can teach.

To access the Instructor Competencies, navigate to your user profile. Click on Instructor Competencies under the Instructor Information section. On the Instructor Competencies page, select Add course competency. This brings up a pop up menu that allows you to choose courses. Search for and select all the courses you would like to add to your competency list and then click OK. Be sure to check the boxes for Certified, Prepared, or Attended as they apply. To remove a competency, you can select the Remove button.

Once you have added competencies, organizations are able filter by course name and view those qualified to teach the course. Please note: It is each instructor’s responsibility to keep their instructor competencies up to date.

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