What does it mean to be a contract instructor?

A contract instructor is an instructor who is available to work for multiple organizations. Any instructor may choose to be a contract instructor. Any organization using the TMS that opts in to use contract instructors can view some of the contract instructor contact information, search for qualified instructors based on the competencies they have set up, and schedule instructors for their classes.

Organizations that choose to use contract instructors will have the ability to see search for instructors on the Find Instructors search page and view your instructor your name, email address, phone numbers, city, state, zip code and country listed within your user profile. The organization cannot view the user profile but can pull this information using output options on the Find Instructors’ page. They cannot see organizations you have taught for or which organization your user account is under in the TMS.

This allows contract instructors to discretely teach for multiple organizations. As a contract instructor, you can access any of your classes for various organizations using the same login credentials. You do not have to have multiple accounts for each organization you are teaching for and all your classes will show up on the same instructor calendar. Once you are scheduled in the TMS to teach a class with an organization, you will see the event show up on your instructor calendar. You cannot login using the organization’s URL or access the class until you have been added as the instructor of a scheduled class in the TMS. Best practice is to login for a class using the organization’s URL as it will display the logo on the page if you are sharing your screen with students.

Learn on Demand Systems offers access to be a contract instructor and use contract instructors as a convenience for all parties. We do not certify any instructors or verify their qualifications to teach a course. All communication, scheduling, contracted rates and payment are the responsibility of the booking organization and the instructor.

If you would like to opt in to become a contract instructor, you need to enable the setting on your user profile. To access your user profile, from the top right corner of any page, click your name or if available, the expand pick list beside your name and click View account. On your user profile page, click Edit. Open the Instructor Information tab, check the box for Is Contract Instructor, and click Save.

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