How do I, as an Instructor, reset a student's password?

Instructors may reset a student's password and see or revise the username of students in a class they are teaching.

Change a student’s login credentials can be done from the Class Roster. On the Class Page, click Roster. On the right side of the Roster page, click the lock icon   to open a dialog box. The student's username displays in a text field and may be revised. Check the “Change Password” box; input and confirm the new Password, then click Save. The student will not be notified of the password change, please inform them of their new login credentials. 

Please note: You will not be able to reset a password for a user logging into the TMS through an outside authentication such as Google or Microsoft Live. If you experience any issues resetting a user’s password, please contact our Support team at and they can assist with the password rest.

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