What is the difference between launching a lab and saving and resuming a lab?

When you first access your labs, you launch the labs by clicking the Launch button in the class activities. This starts a new lab instance to work in. When a you are done working in the lab for the day, the best practice is to save the lab instance. Users can save labs by clicking Exit and choosing Save and Close Lab. Please note: the expiration date and time of your saved instance is displayed when saving.

Saving a lab instance allows you to reopen your work from the point at which you stopped and you can begin working again in the same lab environment. To reopen the saved lab instance, Click the Resume button. Saved labs can be reopened from your My Training page or from the class activities.

If you would like to revert your lab instance back to the original state, you may click Exit and Cancel. To begin a new lab instance, click the Launch button you will no longer have an option to Resume the lab.

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