How Do I Share Files With Students?

There may be times when you wish to share files with your students. You can distribute files from your computer to your students through the lab monitoring tool. 

Once you are logged into the TMS, to find your class, click on My Calendar at the top of any window. This will open up your Instructor Calendar. Find your class in the calendar, and click on the class name to open the Class page. You can also quickly locate your current class from the My Classes link on the top navigation bar.

From your class page, click the Monitor Labs link. A new tab will open up with all your class’ active lab instances displayed. In the Instructor Files box, click the Share Files link. Click the Upload File link and the Choose File button. Navigate to the file you want, select it and click Open. Click OK through the steps to add the file.

A pop-up will appear in each student’s launched lab, regardless of what virtual machine they are working on, informing them that a file has been shared by the instructor and how to access that file.

Please note, the lab monitoring tool is only available in classes running on Premium labs premium.png, not to classes set up using the Basic labs basic__1_.png experience level. The Premium premium.png and Basic basic__1_.png icons show on the class page.  For more information on Basic and Premium labs, please see the following article: What are the differences between Basic and Premium labs?



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