How Do I Launch My Labs During Class?

Opening your labs can be done at any time from your scheduled classes. You should always access the labs you use during class through the My Classes link or through your Instructor Calendar. Although instructors can access labs at all times, students are only able to launch labs once the class’ scheduled start time is reached.

Once you are logged into the TMS, click on My Calendar at the top of any window. This will open up your Instructor Calendar. Find your class in the calendar, and click on the class name to open the Class page. You can also access your current class from the My Classes link. Under the Activities section, click the Launch button beside the lab you want to open.

Look at the Software Check section to see that the Virtual Lab Environment has a green checkmark showing that your computer has the software needed to launch your virtual lab. If you are having issues, click the Trouble with your test lab? link to view system requirements to run our labs.


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