How do I set up another user to schedule classes?

You can set up additional users to be class schedulers in your TMS organization. The new user account will need the Operations Manager role. Follow the steps below to create a new user with the permissions to schedule classes.

Go to the Site Administration page, on the Users tile, click Create User. On the Basic Information page, fill in the user’s information. First Name, Last Name, Primary Email, User Name and Password are required fields. Next, click on the Roles tab. Click + Assign Role. This will open the Choose User Role dialog box. Select the Operations Manager – Subscription Centers role and click OK. You will also need to give this user Organization Management over your organization; go to the Organization Management tab, check the box next to your organization's name. Once you are finished, click Save. Please provide the new user with their login credentials.

If the user already has an account within your organization, navigate to the user’s profile page. Click Edit and Select the Roles tab. Assign the user the Operations Manager – Subscription Centers and give them Organization Management over your organization. Click Save to finalize the changes. If the user is already logged in, they may need to log out of their account and log back in for the changes to take effect.

 For more information on setting up user accounts, please see:

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