How do I, as an Administrative user, reset a user’s password?

Users with an Operations Manager role have the ability to reset the password of student and instructor accounts belonging to their organization.

To reset a user’s password, navigate to the user’s profile page. On the profile page, click Change Password. The Change Password link has an icon of a lock and is at the top of the user’s profile, next the Edit option. This will bring up a dialog box. Input and confirm the new password. To ensure that the user is prompted to change their password, please edit the User’s profile. Check the “This user must change their password on next logon” check box and click Save.

The student will not be notified when their password is changed, please inform the student the new login credentials.

Please note: You will not be able to reset a password for a user logging into the TMS through an outside authentication such as Google or Microsoft Live. If you experience any issues resetting a user’s password, please contact our Support team at and they can assist with the password rest.

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