How do I add more students to a class I have already created?

At times, changes take place and you may need to add more students into a class. If you want to increase the capacity of a scheduled class, you must have unused class vouchers available. The class must match the new vouchers' course.

To increase the number of students you can enroll into class, navigate to the Class page; from Site Administration on the Classes tile, click Find Classes. If the class has already started, remove the Starts in the Future filter. Click Search and click on the class name in the search results to open the class profile. 

Click on the Class Training Keys link. Look for the Add Class Vouchers link, you will only see this link if you have matching vouchers available. This opens a pop up window to input the number of vouchers you would like to add. Input the number and click OK to increase the number of enrollments permitted in your class. You will see new training keys available to distribute to your students to self-register and self-enroll into class or you may manually create the user accounts and enrollments.

For more information on setting up classes and student enrollments, please see:

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