I am a returning customer, How do I set up my LoDs labs?

As a returning customer you already have a center set up in the TMS platform. You do not need to create a new center to access your vouchers and set up your labs. To provision your hands-on labs for an upcoming class you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Access your center and user account in the TMS
  2. Use the vouchers from your purchase to create your class(es)
  3. Send your instructor information to access the class
  4. Create training keys for your students to self-register in the class
  5. Send the training keys and instructions on self-registration to your students

Access your center and user account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign In button to login.

Use the vouchers from your purchase to create your class(es)

  1. Manage your vouchers. On the Manage Class Vouchers page, sections display showing Available Vouchers and Create Class. Voucher use is tallied under the Available Vouchers section.
    1. On the Site Administration page go to the Class Vouchers tile and click Manage Class Vouchers. Your Vouchers are automatically loaded into Learn on Demand Systems’ TMS. They are synchronized over from the Courseware Marketplace and may take up to 10 minutes to show up. 

    1. Go to the Create Class section.
      1. Course: If you have purchased vouchers for more than one course, select the course from the drop-down menu. 
      2. Students: Input the number of students for your class, you may create multiple classes using the vouchers, so you may input a number less than or equal to the number of available vouchers.
      3. Click the Create Class button to continue inputting details for your class on the Create Class page.
    2. Create Class page.
      1. Confirm information displaying in the Basic Information section.
      2. Expand Session Times section, click the link to Add Multiple Session Times.
        1. Click Add Multiple Sessions
        2. Confirm or revise the number of sessions for your class.
        3. Choose the date the class starts in the First Day field.
        4. Confirm or revise the start and end times for class. Remember students will only be able to access the labs once the class date and start time set in the system is reached.
        5. Click OK.
      3. Expand the Instructors section.
        1. Create an instructor.
          1. Click the Create Instructor link to create a new instructor
          2. Input Instructor information and save.
          3. Please note: If you receive a message that the email address is already in use then a user account already exists for the instructor, follow instructions for “Add Instructor”.
        1. Add the instructor
          1. Click the Add Instructor link to add an existing instructor
          2. Input the instructor’s name.
          3. Click Search.
          4. Select the instructor in the search results.
          5. Click OK.
      1. Click Save, this opens the page for the class you just created.

    Provide Instructor access

    You do not need to purchase a lab for the instructor.  As soon as the class is set up and the instructor is added, they can access the labs from the class page to prepare for class.

    Send the instructor the following information:

    1. Please go to
    2. Provide them the Username and Password from the user account you created.
    3. Access the labs and the class by clicking the My Calendar link at the top of the page. Go to the class date and click the class name This opens the class, you may launch the Test Lab to become familiar with the lab interface. Go to the Activities section and click the Launch button beside any module to open it. This is where you will go to teach the class. For technical assistance with labs, click the Contact button at the top of any page and use one of the methods provided to request assistance.
    4. For additional information on using the lab interface and preparing for class, please access these articles:
      1. How do I find classes that I’m scheduled to teach?
      2. How do I get to a class I'm scheduled to teach?
      3. How do I launch my labs during class?
      4. How do I assist my students with their labs?
      5. How do I share files with students?

    Create training keys for your students to self-register in the class

    To make labs available to students you can give them training keys to self-register/self-enroll in the TMS.

    1. From the Class profile, click the Class Training Keys link.
      1. Export or copy the Training Keys. You will send a Training Key to each student to self-register and enroll into class.

    Send training keys and instructions on self-registration to your students

    Send the following instructions to your students:

    1. Go to

    First time users:

      1. Click the Register with Training Key button
      2. Input your training key in the Register with a Training Key field
      3. Click Register
      4. This opens a registration page to create a user account. Input your registration information, and then click Save
      5. Saving your user registration opens your enrollment

    Returning users:

      1. Click the Sign In button
      2. Input your username and password
      3. Click Sign in
      4. Logging in opens your Current Training page
      5. Click the Redeem Training Key link
      6. Input the Training Key supplied and click the Redeem Training Key button
      7. This opens your enrollment

    Please launch a test lab to check for connectivity issues and read through the instructions in the lab interface to become familiar with using it. Once class starts Launch buttons will appear beside the lab modules.

    For assistance anytime, click the Contact link on our website or click here to go to the page now.

    For more information on getting started with Learn on Demand Systems, please see:

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