When do students get access to the labs?

You have the freedom to go into the TMS and set up your class at any time. The students cannot access the course labs before your first class session is set to begin. When students register through Training Keys, they are automatically added as "Enrolled" in the class.

Student access to the course labs is enabled based on two factors: 1) The time the first class session is scheduled to begin, and 2) The Enrollment Status of the student. Students cannot "launch" their class labs until the time the first class session is set to begin and they must have an Enrollment Status of Enrolled to receive a launch button for their labs. 

Once class begins, labs can be launched and saved from the start time of the first class session through the end of class and an additional 180 days after class. 

Before class begins, all students are given a countdown timer message on their enrollment showing when they will be able to Launch their labs. Once class begins, students will see a Launch button under each lab that will allow them to open labs.

If students do not see the Launch button after class has begun please have them refresh their browser and log out of their account and log back in. If the issue continues, verify the student's enrollment is marked "Enrolled" on the class roster. If there are still access issues, contact our Help Desk by clicking the Contact button at the top of any page in the TMS for contact methods.

For more information on student lab access and enrollments, please see:

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