Why are my class vouchers not showing in Manage Class Vouchers?

Most often, vouchers do not display because of issues with the Arvato Customer ID set up in the TMS. The ID or IDs should have been added when you created your organization in the TMS. The Learn on Demand Systems TMS uses the Arvato Customer ID from your order in the Arvato Courseware Marketplace to synchronize your purchase. 

 You will not see your vouchers if the Arvato Customer ID does not match the order. This may be because the ID in your TMS organization

  •  Is missing
  • Is entered incorrectly
  • Contains a space in front of it

 Any of these issues will prevent your order from synchronizing. Please verify that your Arvato Customer ID(s) in your organization profile are in place and correct.

To check your Arvato Customer ID, go to your organization profile, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Arvato Customer Numbers section. If an Arvato Customer Number has been added it will display in this section, if a number has not been added then "None" will display. Please input or change the number if it does not match your Arvato Customer Number used for your order. To add your number click the Add ALH Customer Number link.  Input the number in the Customer Number field, select a Program associated with your Arvato ID and then click Save. To edit an existing number, click the number, edit and Save. It may take about 10 minutes for the Arvato Customer Number to synchronize in our TMS.

If correcting your Arvato Customer ID and waiting 10 minutes for the order to synchronize does not resolve your issue, you will need to contact our Support Team at Please provide your Arvato Customer ID so they can find your order and organization.

Once updated, our Support Team will let you know. You may need to wait a few minutes for the vouchers to synchronize from the Courseware Marketplace website. After the sync is complete, you should see the vouchers appear in the Manage Vouchers page and you can begin using them to create your class.         


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