How do I create a temporary user role?

You may have a time when you would like to add a role for a user, but only want to give them the role temporarily. Roles default to permanent, however, they can be set to only be in place for a set period of time.

This is done when creating or editing a user. Under the Roles tab, select or add a new role. Once the role is added, uncheck “Permanent” to set a temporary role. You see two options, Starts and Expires, along with options for dates. Enter the dates you would like the role to start and end.

After you have added the role, you will need to let the TMS know where the user has these rights. If you are adding an Instructor, Account Executive, or Student role this isn’t necessary but all other roles need to have organizational management added.

To add organization management to a role, open the Organization Management tab and select which organization(s) the user should have management over by checking the box next to the organization. When you are finished, Click Save. The user will have the permissions associated with the user role on the start date. After the end date that user role will expire and the user will no longer have the permissions associated with that role.

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