What are the differences between Basic and Premium labs?

The biggest difference between the Basic and Premium labs is that Premium labs offer 180 days of post-class lab access. This gives students the opportunity to launch the labs for 180 days after the end of class to continue their studies. Basic labs do not offer any post-class lab access; when the class is over, students can no longer access their class' labs. And once a Basic lab is completed by the student, they cannot launch a new instance of the lab again, even while the class is in progress.

Premium labs offer instructors tools to view each student in real time as they are working in their labs as well as share uploaded files directly to students' virtual machines. With Premium labs, students can save their lab instances for 48 hours. Basic labs can only be saved for 24 hours at a time.

For a breakdown of the differences between Basic and Premium labs, please visit:


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