How do I enroll students into a class?

Two different methods are available for setting up your students. You may either issue training keys which allows them to self-register and self-enroll into class or you can set up your students' user accounts and enrollments for them directly in the TMS platform.

Student Self-Enrollment with Training Keys

The simplest method of enrolling students into a class is to have your students self-register into the class by providing them with training keys. 

To use training keys, navigate to the Class page and click on the Class Training Keys link where you see a list of the class vouchers and a list of Training Keys. You can export or copy the training keys from this column. Each student will need one of these unique keys to self-enroll. When you send the training key, you may also send the following instructions for to your students to assist with their self-registration:

Go to

First time users:

    1. Click the Register with Training Key button
    2. Input your training key in the Register with a Training Key field
    3. Click Register
    4. This opens a registration page to create a user account. Input your registration information, and then click Save
    5. Saving your user registration opens your enrollment

Returning users:

    1. Click the Sign In button
    2. Input username and password
    3. Click Sign in
    4. Logging in opens your Current Training page
    5. Click the Redeem Training Key link
    6. Input the Training Key supplied and click the Redeem Training Key button
    7. This opens your enrollment


Manual Enrollment

When setting up the class you can create user accounts for each student and enroll them manually into the class.

To Create a User Account:

  1. Go to Site Administration
  2. Under Users, Click Create User
  3. Fill in the Required Basic Information
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Primary Email
    4. Username
    5. Password and Confirm Password
  4. Click Save

Once you have created the user account you can enroll the student. You can add students by selecting the Add Students link on the Class Roster. Choose all the students you would like to enroll and then click OK.

Students must be in the status "Enrolled" to be able to launch their labs when the class begins. They will not be given access to launch labs until the class begins. You may cancel a student up until the class begins.

Students will need to be provided their User credentials and directed to log into their account at Once a student logs in, they are taken to their Current Training page, which lists their class by name. Clicking on the class name gives them access to their labs.

For more information on student enrollments and lab access, please see:


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