How do I set up a class?

Setting up a class is how you can give access to students for the labs you purchased in the Courseware Marketplace. Your Arvato Customer ID is the key to having your order synchronize to our TMS platform. The Arvato Customer ID used for your order must be input when you set up your organization information in the TMS to synchronize the purchase. You can then use the class vouchers created in our TMS to set up a class; you set up a class with a specific number of students with meeting sessions on specific dates.

Begin by accessing your class vouchers, on the Site Administration page navigate to the Class Vouchers tile and click Manage Class Vouchers. Your vouchers show in the Available column. Go to the Create Class Section and fill in the information:

  • Course – This will default to the course unless you have vouchers for more than one course. If you have multiple courses you can select the course from the drop-down menu.
  • Students – The number of students who will be enrolled in the class. This can be less than or equal to the number of vouchers that are available.

Click on the Create Class button. This will take you to the Create Class page. From here you will enter the Class information:

    1. Confirm information displaying in the Basic Information section.
    2. Expand Session Times section, click the link to Add Multiple Session Times.
      1. Confirm or revise the number of sessions for your class.
      2. Choose the date the class starts in the First Day field.
      3. Confirm or revise the start and end times for class. Remember students will only be able to access the labs once the class date and start time set in the system is reached.
      4. Click OK.
    3. Expand Instructor section and add the Instructor.
    4. Click Save, this opens the page for the class you just created.

Once the class is created you will need to enroll the students or provide training keys to the students to self-enroll in the class.

For more information on class setup, please see:

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