How Can I Use Training Keys for Students to Self-Register for a Class?

Training keys can be generated for each class created and distributed to students to enroll into the class and, if needed, to create their own user account in the TMS. Some setup by the LODS team is needed to enable the ability for students to create user accounts. Please contact Support for information.

Training Keys are unique to each class and each student will need a unique key to register. Training Keys created from the Class Profile. To open a class, from Site Administration on the Classes tile, click the Find Classes link. Input part of the class name and click Search, and then click the class name in the search results. From the Class Profile, click the Training Keys or Class Training Keys link in the menu bar underneath the class name. If Class Vouchers were used to create the class, those codes will be listed here as well as the Training Keys for the class. Click the Export link to download Training Keys.

You will then need to provide a unique Training Key to each student to allow them to register for the class.


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