How do I use multiple classrooms for a class?

When you create a class, you can add one or more classrooms to the class. One classroom will be marked as the primary classroom and will show up on the Find Classes output. You can assign different instructors to different classrooms (covered in the How do I schedule a class with multiple instructors? article).

To add multiple classrooms, expand the Delivery section of the Create/Edit Class page and click Add Classroom. This will open the Choose Classroom dialog box. This dialog box is automatically filtered for classrooms that do not have a schedule conflict with the sessions of the class. Set or remove any filters necessary including the Schedule Conflict filter and click Search. All classrooms matching your criteria will be displayed. Click the ones you want to add to the class and click OK. The first one listed will be the Primary classroom by default. If you want to change this, click the Primary radial button for the classroom you want set as the primary. The primary classroom is the one that will show in the Find Classes results.

Finish creating the class, and click Save. If you have removed the automatic filter for schedule conflicts and one of the classrooms has a conflict, you will be notified upon attempting to save. Click Yes to continue saving the class with the classroom conflict or click No to go back and change the conflict. Classrooms can be booked for more than one class at a time, however, classroom capacity effects student enrollments.

The TMS checks any overlapping use of the classroom when a student enrollment has a classroom added. For classes with only one classroom, all students enrolled are automatically assigned to that classroom. When a class has multiple classrooms, the student registrations default to "To be determined" for the classroom. A specific classroom needs to be set on each student either on their enrollment or in the roster. The TMS will allow a student to be seated in a classroom as long as the capacity for the classroom has an open seat. You will not be able to save the enrollment if the classroom capacity is full.

If you are blocked from saving an enrollment because the classroom does not have any seats left, check the capacity set on the classroom profile to see if it needs to be corrected. Then, you may want to find all classes scheduled in the classroom to possibly resolve the capacity issue. To find these classes, filter the Find Classes page by the classroom and click Search. All classes that are scheduled in that classroom, regardless whether that classroom is the primary classroom, will be displayed. You may need to view the rosters of the classes to count the number of students using the classroom.

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