What information should I send to students who are registering for class using training keys?

When you are having the students register for class using training keys, they will use the key provided to create their own user account and class enrollment. You will need to send them the URL to login along with a training key. The following template provides information you can revise to send to your students which provides instructions on redeeming the training key, steps on how to access their labs and prepare for class.

Here is the training key for your class enrollment: [provide a unique training key for each student from the list you generated from your class]

Go to [provide login page URL] input the Training Key supplied in the field in the Register with a Training Key box. Click Register. This opens a page for you to create a user account and your login credentials for when you return to the site. Input your registration information and click Save. 

This opens your enrollment to the class. Once class starts Launch buttons will appear beside the lab modules and course activities. If you experience problems connecting to your labs, click the Trouble with your test lab link for system requirements and connection information. 

For technical assistance with labs, click the Contact button at the top of any page and use one of the methods provided to request assistance.





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