How can I add students to a class created from class vouchers?

To give students access to labs, they will need user accounts and they must be enrolled into class. This can be accomplished either by creating the user accounts and enrollments yourself or by allowing the students to self-register from a Training Key, instructions for both options are listed below.

Create and Enroll Students

Use the instructions below to access articles to create student user accounts and enroll them into class. Student user accounts can be created individually or multiple user accounts may be created through an import. After creating the students’ user accounts each student must be enrolled into class.

Create a Student User Account

Follow the link below for instructions on creating a single user account.

How do I create student user accounts?

Create Multiple Students' User Accounts

Use the link below to access instruction to import multiple user accounts.

How do I create multiple user accounts?

Enroll Students into Class

Use the link below to access instructions to enroll your students into class.

How do I enroll students?

How to Use Training Keys for Student Self-Registration

Each Training Key is unique and can be used for one student registration. The Training Key gives students access to create their unique user account. Once the user account is created they are automatically enrolled into the class. Use the following instructions to create Training Keys.

Create Training Keys for a Class

Use the link below to access instruction to create training keys.

How do I Use Training Keys for Student Self-Registration?


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