How do I create a class using class vouchers?

Once you have redeemed your Class Vouchers, you can return at any time to the Manage Class Vouchers page to use the available vouchers to create a class. When creating a class using vouchers the course cannot be changed after it has been saved. You can add more vouchers to a class but you cannot decrease the number of vouchers (reservation for students) in the class after it is created. The TMS cannot return unused vouchers to your available vouchers to be used for another class.

On the Manage Class Vouchers page, under the Create Class section, you will select a course and the number of students for the class. You may create multiple classes using the vouchers, so you may input a number less than or equal to the number of vouchers available to use.

Course names are listed for any available vouchers you have redeemed from the Course field. Select the course for the class you want to create. In the Students field input the number of students you want to enroll into the class. Click the Create Class button.

This opens the Create Class page. Confirm the information added to the Basic Information section. Several fields can be revised, the Display name can be modified and this is the class name displayed to your students. The class Status defaults to Scheduled, but can be changed.

Expand Session Times section, click the link to Add Multiple Session Times.

If needed, revise the number of class sessions to run in the # Sessions field. Select which days of the week your class will run from the Days check boxes. Use the First Day field to choose the date the class starts.  Revise the Start Time and End Time as needed. Please note the time zone of the class is listed beside the Session Times heading and will default to the time zone you set when creating your center.

Click OK.

Expand the Delivery section to add a classroom if you use classrooms in our system. It is not required to run a class in the system.

To Create a Classroom, click the Create Classroom link, this opens the Create Classroom page in a new tab. Input a classroom name and seating capacity and click Save. Return to the Create Class tab to add the classroom to the class.

Organizations with existing classrooms, click Add Classroom. This opens the Find Classroom dialog, input part of the classroom name and click Search. Select the classroom(s) from the search results and click OK to add the classroom. 

Expand the Instructors section, click the Create Instructor link if your instructor is not in the TMS or use the Add Instructor link if your instructor is in the system. There is information below on what needs to sent to your instructor.

To Create an Instructor, click the Create Instructor link, this opens the Create User page in a new tab. Input their user information and click Save. Return to the Create Class tab to add the instructor to the class.

Click the Add Instructor link. Remove the filter “Is Certified for course…”. Click Search, select your instructor, and then click OK.

Click Save, to create the class. This opens the page for the class you just created.

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