How do I redeem class vouchers?

Redeeming class vouchers allows you to create a class and create student enrollments. You should redeem all the vouchers you received. You may use all or some of the vouchers you received when creating a class. Each voucher equals one student enrollment into the class. You may return to create classes using your vouchers at anytime.

To redeem Class Vouchers, login to the TMS. From Site Administration on the Class Vouchers tile, click Manage Class Vouchers. Click the Redeem Vouchers button. Paste all the voucher codes you received into the Redeem Vouchers dialog and then click OK.

After adding the class vouchers you can use the available vouchers to create one or multiple classes. You will see sections appear for Available Vouchers and Create Class. Your available vouchers are tallied under the Available Vouchers section.

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