How do I create a subscription center?

You will need to create an administrative user account and Subscription center in the TMS to redeem your class vouchers. This is the location where you will create a class for your students to access their labs. Along with the Class Vouchers for the labs, you should have been given a URL by the Selling Organization. Go to the website, locate the section called Redeem Class Vouchers, click on the link “Click the link to create a Center and set up labs for a class”.

This opens a Create an Account page where you will input information about yourself and your organization. Input your information on the left to create the administrative user account. You will use these account credentials to login in the future. On the right, you will add information about your organization. Be sure to add your Center Name and set a time zone. Then click Register.

You will be taken to Welcome page which duplicates the instructions you are receiving here, click the Admin navigation button at the top of the page.

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