How do I use the class vouchers I received?

When you have received a set of Class Vouchers, you can redeem them and set up a class to give lab access to students; your student receives access to labs through a class enrollment. Class Vouchers are redeemed through the TMS by creating a Subscription center and administrative user account for your organization. After creating the center and user account, you will redeem the class vouchers which can be used to create one or more classes. Student user accounts and enrollments can either be created by you or they can be created by issuing Training Keys to the students, allowing them to self-register by creating a user account and automating their class enrollment.

Overview of redeeming class vouchers

  • Create an administrative user account and organization in the TMS
  • Redeem the Class Vouchers purchased
  • Create a class – the maximum number of seats is limited to the number of vouchers redeemed
  • Create an instructor user account
  • Either create student user accounts and enroll them or create training keys for students to self-register and self-enroll

Information to be sent to students and instructors

  • Pass along links to the instructor for training on using the TMS
  • Deliver instructions to students based on which enrollment process was chosen

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