How do I change a class enrollment status and which one should I use?

Need to change the class enrollment status of one or more of your students? There are three locations for this. The main difference between locations is whether you are working with students in a particular class, a student in multiple classes or all students in all classes.

Students in a Class
Navigate to the Class details page. Click either Roster or Enrollments in the Command bar. Both provide you will a list of students in the class and the ability to change the Enrollment Status of each student inline. However, the roster provides a summary line that displays the minimum and maximum students for the class as well as a breakdown of the number of students with each status. On the Roster page, in the Enrollment column, click the dropdown on the row of a student and select the enrollment status for that student. Repeat for other students in the class.

Student in Multiple Classes
Navigate to the User Profile page of the student whose enrollment status you want to change. Click Class Enrollments in the Command bar. The Find Enrollments page will open. In the row for the class’ Enrollment Status you want to change, click the status. From the dropdown, click the new status and click Save. Repeat for other classes if necessary.

All Students in All Classes
For the most flexibility working with student enrollments, navigate to the Find Enrollments page. Click Search to see all enrollments for future classes or set the filter and output options to define your search results. In the Enrollment Status column, in the search results, click the pencil icon or the status name. This opens a dropdown menu displaying available statuses, make your changes and click Save.

There are 7 class enrollment statuses. Which ones you use depend upon the process flow for your organization and permissions in the roles you have. The following lists the statuses and possible uses for a student’s enrollment:

  • Requested – Not yet been approved to attend or the default status used until class begins.
  • Cancelled – No longer requesting or taking the class.
  • Wait-Listed – Should be enrolled if a seat becomes available in a full class.
  • Approved –Approved to attend a class. This does not mean that the student is enrolled, just that the request was approved, such as when a supervisor approves their worker’s request for the class but the class manager actually enrolls students. Your organization may skip this status if the person who approves requests is the same person who enrolls.
  • Denied – Request is denied. This is optional.
  • Audit – Attending the class but only in an audit capacity. This status acts like Enrolled, giving the student access to course activities and labs. An audit student will count against the number of students that can be physically seated in a classroom but not against the Maximum Students set on the class.
  • Enrolled – Attending the class. Students need to be marked enrolled to access course activities. Once the class begins students can login from anywhere and access the course activities. You cannot change this status after class begins, please note, we use the Enrolled status for billing and we bill for every student marked Enrolled.


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