How I do I customize the tab and errata labels in the lab interface?

There may be times when you want to either change the label of a tab or the errata label in the lab interface or hide them altogether. This allows you to control what your students see and how they interact with the interface in that lab.

To do this customization, click Edit on the lab profile you want to change. On the Advanced tab, scroll down to the check boxes at the bottom. To hide any of the tabs uncheck the appropriate box:

  • Show Content Tab
  • Show Machines Tab
  • Show Support Tab

To rename any of the tabs or the errata label, check the appropriate box:

  • Custom Content Tab Label
  • Custom Machines Tab Label
  • Custom Support Tab Label
  • Custom Errata Label

In the field that appears when you click one of the above check boxes, type the label you want to appear in the lab interface. Click Save.

If you hide a tab, the option to add a custom label for it disappears.

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