How can I find instructors that can teach a specific course?

On the Find Instructor page, you can add filters to show instructors who have attended, prepared for, or are certified to teach a course you choose. The certified filter will also be available on the Choose Instructor dialog box from the Create/Edit Class page, if a course is chosen. These filters will display instructors whose profiles match your criteria.

To find instructors for a course, click Find Instructors on the Site Admin page. On the Find Instructors page, click the Add Filter dropdown and select one these filters:

  • Certified for course (choose)
  • Prepared for course (choose)
  • Attended course (choose)

After you have added the filter(s), in the Choose Course dialog box use the filters to search for the course you want. Click the appropriate course and click OK. Click Search and the instructors whose profiles match your criteria will be displayed.

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