How do I move items from one Lab Series to another Lab Series?

Do you need to copy or move Lab Profiles (and other profiles) to a different Lab Series? For example, do you want to move a Lab Profile from a Development Lab Series into a Production Lab Series? Lab Series can be directly associated with three other types of profiles: Lab Profiles, Virtual Machine Profiles and Removable Media Profiles. Each of these components can be copied and/or moved between different Lab Series. Here’s how:

Lab Profiles

The process for moving or copy a Lab Profile is exactly the same except at the point of saving. To do either, click Edit in the upper-right corner on the Lab Profile page. The Edit Lab Profile page opens. On the Basic Information tab, click Choose next to Series. In the Choose Lab Series window, search for and select the Lab Series you want the Lab Profile to be associated with, and click OK. To move the profile to the new series, click Save and the process is complete. However, to copy the Lab Profile, click Save As. This will prompt you to make some choices to complete the process.

In the Save As window, input a new Number and Name for the Lab Profile, if desired. Next, select the appropriate Virtual Machine Profile option and click OK:

  • Create new virtual machine profiles based on the ones in this lab profile (clone them).
    • This will create cloned Virtual Machine Profiles that will remain associated with the original Lab Series. It is recommended to move them to the new Lab Series (see below).
  • Reuse the virtual machine profiles in this lab profile.
    • This option will reuse the existing Virtual Machine Profiles.
  • Inherit this lab profile’s virtual environment, content, and resources.
    • This will be covered in another article.

Virtual Machine Profiles

The process to move or copy a Virtual Machine Profile starts on the Virtual Machine Profile page and is exactly the same as for a Lab Profile except if you click Save As to copy. At this point, the Save As dialog only has the option to change the virtual machine’s name. Input a New Name, if desired, and click OK.

Removable Media Profiles

The Save As option is not available for Removable Media Profiles. However, to move a Removable Media Profile, follow the same process you used for moving Lab Profiles and Virtual Machine Profiles.


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