How an administrator print completion certificates for self-pace learning?

Once completion certificate templates are added to a course, the certificate is available to be printed for any course assignment using that course. Administrators have the option of printing from a PDF of the certificate or a Word file that permits editing of the content. All data pulled into the certificates is from the TMS, for instance, if a user name is showing incorrectly it may be changed in the User Profile or edited directly on the certificate.

Printing course assignment certificates

For self-paced learning, administrators can print a completion certificate for a course assignment once the student has completed the course assignment or it has been marked complete by an administrative user. Completion certificates for self-paced learning are available to print from the student’s transcript. Open the User Profile, click Transcript. Under the Course Assignment section find the course name, click on the certificate icon. If more than one completion certificate is available for a course, a dialog opens listing all available certificate types. Select a certificate template and click OK to download the files. Open the downloaded zip file containing PDFs and Word documents of each certificate. Open the student certificates and print.


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