How do I find the Lab Profile I want to use?

When you are trying to find a particular lab profile or lab profiles that meet certain criteria, use the Find Lab Profiles page and using a combination of filters there.

On Site Administration, click Find Lab Profiles on the Lab Profiles box. This will open the Find Lab Profiles page. There are four default Search Filters provided on the page: Series Name, Number, Name, and Platform. If needed, click the Add Filter drop-down and select additional filters you may need. You can select from a long list of text, date, and numeric filters. Click Multiple at the bottom of the drop-down to be able to search for more than one value in a filter field. Next, set the qualifiers and values in the filters you need.

You can optionally click Output Options on the right side below the filters and check the output columns you want displayed in the results. Several of the Output Options are preselected for you. You can add or remove them as needed by clicking the X to the right of any filter to remove it.

When you have selected the filters, entered the values that you are looking for and selected any optional Output Options, click Search. To view a lab profile from the search results, either click the lab profile name or the Details link to the right of the profile name.


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