How do I customize the lab interface for my Lab Profile?

Are there times when you want the lab interface to look different, have different tab names, or other customizations? There are several ways to customize the lab interface of a lab profile to meet your needs. These include:

  1. Changing the Task Bar height
  2. Hiding or changing the size of the Navigation Bar
  3. Hiding or changing the labels on Navigation tabs
  4. Changing the Errata label
  5. Changing menu options
  6. Providing a custom CSS or CSS URL for the content (covered in XX)

All of these customizations are done from the Edit Lab Profile page.

Task Bar Height

If your tasks are often larger than the default area and causing scroll bars, you can change the size of the task bar height. To do this, on the Basic Information tab, scroll to the bottom and select the size you want (Default, Large, XL, or Custom) from the Task Bar Height drop-down. Consider the following when selecting a size:

  1. A large size takes valuable screen real estate from the VMs and in addition will cause small steps to have empty space under their text directions;
  2. A small size may make large steps have a scroll bar on the right side and could cause users to miss part of the directions.

Users can resize the task bar according to their own preferences and can pin/unpin it.

Navigation Bar and Tab Labels

There are several options to change how the navigation bar is displayed. To access the navigation options, click the Advanced tab. The Navigation Bar is shown by default. Click the Show Navigation Bar checkbox to deselect it if you want to hide the bar. If you want to change the size, select the size from the Navigation Bar Width drop-down. Like the Task Bar Height choice, this will affect the screen real estate available to the VMs as well as the wrapping of the IDL outline. Users can resize, pin or unpin this area the same way they can for the Task Bar.

The Content, Machines, and Support tabs are shown by default. Below the Navigation Bar Width field, uncheck Show Content Tab, Show Machines Tab, or Show Support Tab to hide them. If you choose to show these tabs, you can change their labels in the fields below. Check the checkbox for the label you want to change and type the new label.

Errata Label

You can also change the Errata label to meet your needs. To change it, check the Custom Errata Label checkbox below the navigation options on the Advanced tab. Type the new label. Within the lab client, the new label will then be used for the errata link and dialog title.

Menu Options

From the Advanced tab, you can also choose to disable two menu options from the lab interface. Hide the timer by clicking Show Timer to deselect it. When Show Timer is disabled, the user will not be able to see how much time is remaining in their running lab. Hide the VM power options on the Commands menu command_icon.png at the top right of the lab interface, by clicking Show Virtual Machine Power Options to deselect it. When this item is disabled, the user will not see the choices to restart or shut down the virtual machines options on the Commands menu.




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