Should I use a Class or a Custom Event or a Course Assignment to Schedule Training?

Three different types of training options are designed to be used in the TMS: Classes, Custom Events and Course Assignments. Classes and Custom Events are both used to schedule meeting sessions. Course Assignments are used to schedule self-paced training.

Either a Class or a Custom Event will allow you to select the days and times of your class sessions, add an instructor, enroll multiple students and assign physical classrooms or an Adobe Connect virtual classroom* if this service has been contracted.

Classes are used to schedule a meeting and give access to course contents and resources such as, labs, video, external sites, assessments and documents. Labs and other course content can be accessed by students at the time the class is scheduled to begin. Post class access for most course content is 6 months. Students’ labs can be monitored by instructors through the class. Documents added to a course are available to students once their Enrollment Status is marked Enrolled or Audit; access to documents is not tied to class sessions, they can access the documents at any time.

Custom events allow you to schedule a meeting without using a course and its resources. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact to be given permissions to create and manage Custom Events.

A Course Assignment is set up for one student to give access to a course’s resources like labs, video, external links and documents. Course Assignments begin when created and access usually expires in 6 months. They are not designed to be supervised by an instructor.

*Adobe Connect virtual classroom access requires a signed contract with LODS before access is granted.

**Standard Instructor role does not permit a user to monitor course assignments. Course Assignments can be monitored by Operations Managers or by an instructor if center management is assigned with the Instructor role; this gives the instructor administrative access to all the center’s data.

***Automated Notifications must be set up by LODS support before they can be enabled for Classes, Custom Events or Course Assignments.


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