LOD Terminology and Guidelines for Building a Lab

When building labs in Learn on Demand Systems, you need to know the LOD terminology used for the pieces or components of the lab and guidelines for determining what you will need. At the end of this article are the links to help you build the main components.

Terminology for required components:

Lab Series. A Lab Series is the identifier for a related group of lab components that will comprise your lab(s). It is used in Searches, filters, and other locations within LOD to find these components. It is also used by other programs to identify the group of components. You should build this first in LOD.

Lab Profile. A Lab Profile is the component or vehicle that provides your users with the lab interface that they will interact with and other optional components. You may have one or more Lab Profiles associated to a Lab Series.

See the Guidelines section for help determining how many Lab Series and Lab Profiles you may want and/or need.

Optional components:



When you are planning how to design your structure, you should consider the following:

    1. Do you have more than one general topic, course, presentation, etc. that you want to use LOD for? You should build one Lab Series for each general topic, course, presentation, etc. This will make it easy to identify all the components that will be used for that topic, course, etc.
    2. Do you want your users to have one lab (one Lab Profile) to interact with all of optional lab components and complete all objectives? – OR – Do you want your users to have more than one lab (multiple Lab Profiles) and in each separate lab, interact with one or more of the optional components and complete a subset of objectives?


To find more information on these components, go to the following articles and videos:

For a comprehensive guide on building lab content, review the Learn On Demand Systems Integrated Digital Lab Authoring Guide.

Please let us know if this article was helpful. Your feedback is important. We would appreciate any comments you can provide us that will help ensure we are answering your questions and meeting your needs.

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