How can I track laptops being used for classes taught outside my center?

When you are using your center’s laptops to teach a class offsite, you can use the TMS to schedule the your equipment as a group or as individual items. Scheduling the use of your laptops checks against availability to verify you are not double-booking the equipment during that time frame.  

 To do this you will create “classrooms” for your laptops. Setting up your equipment as classrooms allows you to assign their use when creating or editing a class. This is done the same way you assign a regular classroom; the system allows you to assign multiple classrooms to each class. You can have one “classroom” per laptop, or a “classroom” for a set of laptops depending on your needs. In this way, you can ensure the laptops are not double-booked or overbooked and you can see when they are in use. 

To create a “classroom” of one or more laptops, in Site Administration on the Classrooms tile, click the Create Classroom link. This opens up the Create Classroom page. On the Basic Information tab, fill in the Name for your group or individual laptop. Include a Description to help you know which laptop(s) are included in this “classroom”.  Set the Capacity field to match the number of laptops represented by this “classroom”. The Center field is automatically filled in from your profile. Next, fill out the Administrative Notes tab if needed and click Save

To book the laptops, simply add their “classroom” to the class they will be used in as you would any other classroom.  

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