How can I find classes offered by a partner center and register a student for class?

The Event Schedule is the only place to view classes offered by your Preferred Partner centers. To access the Event Schedule page you must have a navigation button for it at the top of your TMS page. It may be named Event Schedule, Events, Schedule or Upcoming Events.

Click on the Upcoming Events button. Set the “Belongs to” filter to “My Preferred Partner Centers” and click Search. You can see the start date, class status and if there are open seats in the class. Use filters to restrict your search results and add or remove Output Options to display columns in the search results.

Once you have found the class, click the class name to view the class page. At the top of the page click the Create Enrollment link. Click the Choose button to the right of the Student field, this opens the Choose Student dialog. Input part of the first and last name of your student in the filters, click Search. If you do not see your student listed, verify that a user account has been created and that the student is not scheduled to take a class when this class is offered. (You may remove the filter for Does not have a schedule conflict). Select the student in the search results and click OK. Choose an Enrollment Status of Requested or Approved. You and your partner center may choose to designate that the Approved status means the student’s paperwork and payment have been received. Click Save. You can also use Enrollment notes to communicate the specifics on about the enrollment payment or status. To add a note, scroll down to the Notes section on a saved enrollment, expand the Notes section, input a title and text, then click Post.

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