How can I check in students for class?

You can check your students in daily in one spot for all classes running in your center. The check-in page is designed for a person who is greeting and directing students as they arrive in the center to have one place where they can see each class as well as its students, instructor and room. It also has links to access the class page, edit the class page, access the roster, or print the sign in sheets.  

In order for a class to show on the check in page it must be set for physical delivery on the class page. Only students who are registered for the class with the status of Enrolled or Audit will be listed.  

Checking students in when they arrive at your center automatically marks them attending on the roster so your instructor does not have to manage it. It also marks them on the daily attendance chart which allows you to pull reports on students' attendance. 

To check students in, from the Site Admin page, click My Centers on the Centers tile. Click Student Check-In for the center whose classes you want to work with. On the Student Check-In page, expand the class name to view the students in that class. Click next to the student’s name to mark them as checked in. It will add a time stamp next to their name. Links on the right side provide access to the Class page and the Roster if changes need to be made. 

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