How do I create class vouchers?

Once you are set up as a subscription selling center you will be able to sell lab access to other organizations. This article describes how you will set up the purchasing center with Instructor-led training.

To fulfill the order you will need to know the course name and the number of students who need lab access. The instructor is not included in the purchased number of seats; they are given access to the labs free of charge.

To create vouchers, start from Site Administration, and on the Class Vouchers tile, click Create Class Vouchers. On the Create Class Vouchers page, click the Choose button beside the Course field. Input part of the course name in the Name field. Click Search. Select the course from the search results and click OK. In most cases the Center will remain the same; however, it can be changed if you have management of multiple centers. If needed, add identifying information such as the purchasing center and order number to the Code Prefix field. This will display at the front of a randomly generated code on each voucher. We recommend using the underscore character between words to create codes that are a continuous set of characters without spaces. Hopefully this will eliminate any confusion about the voucher code you are giving the center. Input the number of student seats purchased in the Number of Codes field. Click Save to create a set of class vouchers. Click the Export link to download the voucher codes to Excel.

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