How can I create a multiple-choice performance-based exam lab?

You can now create a lab which is a performance-based exam. This gives you the ability to set multiple choice questions alongside virtual machines that the student can use to determine the answers. Questions can all be on one page or grouped on different pages. Users will access and launch the Exam lab the same way as a regular lab. When they have finished the exam, they will close it and select whether to submit it for grading. The grading is fully automated. Results are tracked and displayed in the Lab Instance details page as well as within the lab instance search results; this also provides export options.

Setting up a lab as an exam is straightforward. On the Site Administration page, on the Exams tile, click Create Exam. This will open the Create Exam page. This page is identical to the Lab Profile Edit page except on the Exam tab, the “Is Exam” checkbox is automatically checked. This marks the lab as being an exam. Complete the Lab Profile as normal. Then on the Exam tab, in the Scoring Type dropdown, select Automated and in the Passing Score field, set the score. Next, click Add Page. Enter a name for the page in the Page 1 field. To add your questions, do the following:

  1. Click Add Question.
  2. In Add Question dialog box, in the Text field, enter the question.
  3. In the Format dropdown, select either Multiple Choice, Only One Answer or Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers.
  4. Click Add Answer.
  5. Enter the first answer.
  6. Click Add Answer again and complete for each possible answer to the question.
    1. Rearrange the answers, as needed, by clicking the Up or Down arrows to the right of the answers.
    2. Use the X to delete an answer.
  7. Designate which answers are correct by checking the radio button or the boxes for the correct answer(s).
  8. Complete the optional fields if wanted:
    1. Explanation - Enter an explanation for the question
    2. Reference URL - Enter an URL link.
  9. Click OK to finish adding the question.

To add other questions on the same page, click Add Question and repeat process. To add another page of questions, click Add Page and repeat above process. When you have finished adding the exam questions and answers, click Save.

This is the first exam type to be released. Additional exam types and features will be available in the future.

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