How do I access my labs for a class using a lab code if I have a user account?

Some of our organizations give out lab codes or training keys to unlock access to labs for their users. If this is the case, as a student who has been given a code to access your labs, you should also have received a URL for the site where you will log in.  If you do not have a code or have not been given credentials to log in please contact your learning organization.

If you already have a user account or one was created for you, then input your username and password then click Login. This opens your My Training page, click the link to Redeem Training Key. Input the code you received and click the Redeem Training Key button. It will return you to the Current Training page with your course added. Click on the course name and your labs will display under the Activities section. Click the Launch button beside the lab you want to use.  


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