Help Center Overview for TMS Instructors

Welcome to the Help Center for TMS Instructors. In this category, you will find articles to help answer questions you may have about using the One Learn platforms to teach your classes. If you are a new instructor in the TMS platform, read the articles in the order listed below. They build on each other and follow the progression of teaching a class in the TMS. If you have taught before and have a question, you can use the list below to quickly find the article you want.

One Learn TMS Instructor Training – Level 1

  1. How do I find classes that I’m scheduled to teach?
  2. How do I get to a class I'm scheduled to teach?
  3. How do I get into my virtual classroom
  4. How do I launch my labs during class?
  5. How can I get to know the LoDS lab interface?
  6. How can I have students check connectivity and become familiar with the LoDS lab interface for class?
  7. How do I assist my students with their labs?
  8. How do I share files with students?
  9. How do I open a lab for a course that I am not scheduled to teach?

You should also review the articles in the General Topics section and in the User FAQS category. All of these articles answer common questions students may have with regards to accounts, accessing classes, and running labs. You can minimize your students’ frustration by familiarizing yourself with these articles.

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