How do I see available courses and determine how much I will be charged for a lab in one of them?

When you want to find which courses are available in the system and whether they have labs or not, you can do this from the Find Courses page. 

On Site Administration, click Find Courses on the Courses tile. On the Find Courses page, click the Output Options and select Labs. Click Search. All regular available classes will be listed with a column showing whether the course has labs and if so, the platform for those labs. If you do not see a course listed that you are interested in, email

If you are interested in just the courses that have labs and want to know how much those labs cost, you will also use the Find Courses page.

In the Search Filters area, click the Add Filters dropdown and add the Has Labs filter. Then click Output Options and add Duration and Max Lab RAM. Click Search. This lists all courses with labs, the number of days the course is set to run and displays the amount of RAM. Find the amount of RAM for the course, determine the cost from your contract. Take the cost, multiply it by the number of days under Duration and then multiple that number by the number of students in your class. (Cost x Duration) x Number of Students = Total Cost of the Lab

We bill you based on the duration listed for the course you use for your class.

Please note: When you are creating a class, the duration for the course you've chosen will automatically display when you click Add Multiple Sessions Times. This is the number of days from the course and the number of days we will bill you for, changing the number will not change the number of days we are billing you. You must change the selected course. 

If you plan on running a course for a different duration than the course listed, but a course is not available, please contact lab requests ( to build a custom course for the correct duration. This will ensure you are billed the correct amount for your class.

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