What can I do about duplicate user accounts?

There may be times when you find that one of your users has two accounts and important data in both.  In this case, you will want to merge the two accounts into one.  

To do this you will need to determine which account will be the primary account, this should be the account containing the Basic Information you want to keep. The primary account will determine which username and password is retained.  

From the Site Administration page, on the Users tile click Merge Users. Under User Profile 1, click Choose. Using the filters, search for the user account you determined you want to keep. Select the user account and click OK. Under User Profile 2, click Choose. Search for and select the duplicate account. Click OK. You can click on Details next to each profile to ensure they are the correct accounts. Click Merge. Everything from User Profile 2 will be moved into User Profile 1 except the Basic Information. When the merge is complete, the second profile is deleted. 

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